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Even though I was busy all day today, I still get my nature fix – even if it just to talk to the hens, let them out, feed them and collect the eggs they so graciously provide for us.

Thanks, girls.


Our lives and fates are twined together…

Family, friends, lovers, neighbours, strangers.
Some by choice, some by fate, some by necessity.
Together we grow stronger, support each other.
One branch joins and is welcomed into the column.
Another reaches out to leave, roots remain entangled.

The web grows both ways – inward and outward.
Our family tree, the tree of life.

What a wonderful day!

A round trip to the ocean, where the sea was rolling in calm and blue and big. And on the way home I ran into some friends who I knew from another beach I used to live near, a long way from here.

A day of rest from work – although down below there is always movement, just like the sea is in constant motion, even on such a calm and peaceful day.

Don’t be deceived by the calm surface, don’t be discouraged by the apparent standstill…

Expect surprises – everywhere – all the time.

The cycle of life.

Today we took a walk through the rainforest and learned about life.
Each stage of life includes whole communities of interrelated and interwoven individuals.
Everything is recycled, every nutrient used and reused many times.
Nature does not use anything just once or throws anything away.
Each drop of water has been through every stage and every creature and plant on this planet at some stage.
Nothing is really new.
Everything was always here – from the beginning.
All is one.
Nothing stands alone.
Even us.

I didn’t get to write yesterday – I spent the morning gardening and finding plants that have found their own way into the soil as well as planting some new inhabitants.

The rest of the day I spent with friends, walking around the paths, looking at plants and enjoying the view from the deck out into the greenery.

A day of discovery, contemplation and company.
A day without computers too.

Don’t get stuck in the mud.

I dressed appropriately today to go to the Yandina markets. My RM Williams boots kept my feet warm and dry while sloshing through sometimes ankle deep mud between stalls, while others kept getting their flip-flops or shoes stuck fast. Many just gave up and squelched barefoot, including my children.

Yes, it rained again overnight, but that did not discourage us – if you miss the sunshine, then go and buy some to plant in the garden, I thought and did.

Mud can be so much fun for children and adults alike – if you don’t let it stick to you, much like negativity – just slosh around in a puddle afterwards and off it washes. Marvellous mud.

I don’t have to look further than this morning’s joyful raucous screeching from the rainbow lorikeets celebrating the return of sunshine.

Not just they, but also the other birds were visibly excited by the beautiful weather. Everyone was out and about as we walked to the bus this morning.

A joy to see the low-flying parrots, cheeky mynahs and chirpy wagtails and butcher birds. Everyone had to voice their happiness.

I notice that the lorikeets are sociable, communicative, enjoy eating nectar and aerobatic flying and even though they do not work or pay tax, they seem to be happy and provided for by nature. I think I might become a professional lorikeet…

The sun came out a few times today – in between light showers. Enough to lift the spirits and make everything look bright and, well, sunny.

So I cleaned the house and deck today and sat there for a while soaking up the warmth – so welcome after the rain.

Today the sun, the warmth, the sparkles and the cheerfulness is what I’m grateful for.

Water, water everywhere and all the leaves did drip…

But I am thankful for the rain, having heard stories of those breathing volcano ash while riding their bikes in Europe and picturing the grey dust settling on all alike and dimming the aeroplane-free blue skies.

Our air is crisp and fresh, washed clean by the last 100mm of rain I measured from the rain gauge today. Thank you for the rain.

I may be tired of the rain… we have had quite a lot lately. Although we go through nerve-wracking months of waiting for it to arrive, now we can’t wait for it to finish.

Most of us tire easily of things that stay the same for too long, too much sun, too much rain, too much wind, too much of a good thing…

Yet, if we look closely, it never is the same. This rose was not here a few days ago and is just as delicate in the rain as in the sunshine, yet if I hadn’t been making the effort to go outside despite the rain – I might have missed its short appearance.

What a shame it would have been and how fortunate that I did go out in the rain.

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