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Recovery day for me. The sun is wonderfully warm, but once it’s gone, it’s cold now and I rug up.

I looked for recovery foods today and settled on some gorgeous Asian cabbages and spring onions to have
stir-fried with garlic and ginger on rice. That and the cups of peppermint tea, and a piece of banana loaf I made this morning, made me feel better again.
I hope by tomorrow, I’ll be back to normal.

Thank you, garden, for providing us with wonderful fresh food for so little effort.


I watched the birds play tag in front of my window today for hours.

They seemed to want to entertain me as I lay in bed. About a dozen or more used several trees around the garden to play hide and seek and noisily tagging each other whenever they met up.

Maybe the high winds made them feel reckless and restless.

Later in the day went for a walk around the garden – the sun was out, the wattles are turning yellow. I felt better.

I could write about a more unpleasant part of nature today. Unfortunately I feel too unwell to go into the intricacies and benefits of things that make us sick.

Today was not memorable for its natural beauty.

My first sourdough loaf – it’s a light flavour, hardly sour, but very crusty on top and soft inside – perfect just with butter.

I am amazed how easy it is to use natural yeast spores for breadmaking. The only thing needed is a little more patience – something rare in today’s fast-paced world – and I expect a naturally fermented bread is so much better for my family’s health.

Isn’t it fascinating how Nature provides for us? This bread really is Life.

Yesterday, I wrote about the One River and today I was so aware of every drop of water, the dew on the leaves, my shower, the tap running, watering the seedlings, mixing the dough, making tea – all day I enjoyed my rain water in so many different ways.

To have access to pure, clean water is the birthright of all creatures on this planet. It is up to us to make sure we look after our water.

Look at the drops of dew on this autumn leaf – so pure and clean, so life-giving – and every leaf was covered with them.

How precious is water?

The sweet smell of wattles – the first sign of spring.

I know that winter is only beginning, but it gives hope and the bees are happy and busy as soon as the sun comes up.

Sure there will be cold nights, sure there will
be freezing winds and darkness, but one whiff
of wattle can lift your mood, brighten your day and make you sneeze… beautiful. Achoo!

The caterpillar…

…dreams about flying while chomping on leaves.
He hardens his skin to keep his soul inside to hold onto the dream image while he turns to goo and reassembles his molecular matter in his new form.

Now he has six legs instead of many, two delicate antennae and two carefully folded wings, covered in facets which will reflect the light in a certain pattern when he emerges – the same colours his brother and sister souls will reflect too, but quite distinct from another species of butterfly.

So sunshine, water and air transforms into leaves, leaves feed the caterpillar, and the caterpillar turns sunshine, water and air with the help of its soul into a butterfly to please the Maker of sun, water and air.

(Conversations with my son)

Today I picked the Queen of oranges from the centre of my Washington Navel tree.

After losing part of my citrus crop due to unusually amounts of summer rain and the following late breeding cycle of the Queensland Fruitfly, things are normalising again it seems.

So I went and harvested a portion of my fruit. I found the lemon tree heavily laden, the branches almost touching the ground and my favourite orange has provided me with this special gift this year. Thank you.

I planted a tree this morning, a lemon myrtle. A dense dark-leaved native tree with lemon-scented leaves and beautiful white flowers. The leaves make a wonderful tea and can also be used in cooking, similar to bay leaves, for a lemon flavour infusion.

I also added some lomandra around it and sowed some peas in the vegie patch. All in all a very productive Saturday morning in the glorious autumn sunshine.

A reflective day today. Overcast skies and rain later in the day. I was happy for the new plants and seedlings.

Today’s work with Nature included setting up a new batch of sour dough. Let’s see how the natural yeasts like my mixture and if they will turn into a tasty bread starter in a few more days. My inspiration came after my visit to the library where I picked up some great gardening tomes alongside a breadmaking book that caught my eye “Crust”… just the thing you crave on a cool and rainy day.

I will update on my success or failure in a few days.

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