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Migraines on weekends are no fun. Actually they are never fun, especially on sunny weekends…

I rested a lot today, watched some documentaries and made a very light dinner of sushi nori and Vietnamese salad – some good raw food. I’m expecting this to help my recovery so tomorrow is a useful day. Hope the plan works.


Three hours of slashing this morning – half the property looks very tidy.

The drawback, I can feel a migraine coming on…

Not a good sign – taking it easier for rest of the day.

I resolved to take it easy on the gardening today, still nursing yesterday’s injuries.

These native irises are taking over one of my garden beds… I don’t really mind, they look nice and it saves me weeding.

Another relaxing sight is standing under the Shantoot mulberry – the light is filtered through the dense light green leaves which cover the bountiful berries hanging below. Somehow the colour and growth habit seem to protect these better from the birds than the black mulberries. At least there’s plenty of them left for us to snack on.


I was harvesting my first ever jaboticabas today. This Brazilian fruit tree can take up to seven years before it fruits. This one did.

But this must be my unlucky week because I stood right on top of a jumping ants nest as I moved around the tree. Ouch! Ouch! OUCH!

Fortunately the jaboticabas proved popular with the kids  and made the painful effort worthwhile.

Here’s all that’s left after another feast of mangoes and jaboticaba berries. Not quite enough yet to make wine or juice from…

Bought the first tray of mangoes today. I won’t be getting any from my garden this year because of the spring rains – they like it hot and dry.

We were on the way home from the coast and a dental appointment when we came across the roadside stall selling a tray of twenty for $20 – that’s $1 a mango, what a bargain!


I was bitten by something nasty yesterday… It could have just been an ant with similar toxins to wasps – I reacted quite badly and spend the day gingerly nursing my leg. I succumbed to taking some antihistamine medication late in the day. The garden looks tidy though!

Kangaroo Paw

Flowers in my Garden

After spending the morning clearing and mulching in the garden, it was lovely to walk around and appreciate some of the lovely flowers out around the place:


Some kangaroo paw are being shaded out by overhanging trees and need to be moved, the delicate blue stars of borage keep the strawberries company and the sage is happy as long as it doesn’t rain too much.




One lovely find was a baby pineapple which also needs a lot more sun to ripen and sweeten – let’s hope the weather complies. Otherwise it would also make a beautiful flower arrangement centrepiece…





Cookies with a View

After helping me with the garden work this morning, I invited the kids for an afternoon tea at the Mayfield Terrace. It went down very well…

Tonight’s full moon is just rising above the trees in a clear spring night.

So perfect.

Both sun and moon demurely hiding behind clouds.

Even so their light gives their hidden beauty away.

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