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What a day!

While gardening I was bitten by a tiny red ant, to great effect. Within half an hour I had the neighbour drive me to the doctor’s surgery for an antihistamine and cortisone injection after breaking out in a red rash and developing hives – whoa! What an impact a tiny little creature can have on the immune system.

I’ll spare you the fine details of the experience, but the antihistamine did its work (rash and hives have disappeared by now) and then some (made me dizzy and very sleepy).

Observing my own reaction to the tiny ant and my following response to medical intervention made me draw a comparison to humanity’s impact on the Earth:

Maybe the planet could do with an antihumanine to get rid of the hives and rashes induced by us… it could then fall into a sleep and wake up with a pristine surface, maybe a little scarring or blotches here and there which will heal over quickly in time. And maybe us surviving little hum’ants’ will learn not to bite the planet that feeds us…

Okay, enough of the drug-induced thoughts – I’m getting drowsy again, so back to sleep.


This morning I visited the high school my son will attend next year – I can’t believe he’s going already! Seems like only a few months ago he started school, well okay, maybe a few years, but didn’t those seven years fly?

It was quite interesting to be somewhere full of teenagers, apparently 600 of them! And be fist-‘alright’ed by the music teacher for being a Mac-user whose son likes to work with Garage Band. I wasn’t quite sure what he wanted from me when he held out his fist – I assumed it was some new tradition I was unfamiliar with – I am so uncool.

I stayed out of the showers for the remainder of the day. The weeds and grass are really taking off now, growing several inches per day. Some more sunshine would be welcome again soon to dry everything out again so we can mow…

A drop of colour on a rainy day – a flower worth a thousand words.

I’m going to create a little water garden in front of my bedroom window.

This project has been on my list for years, but just now it is ripening into reality. I came across a pot sale on my way home from the accountant and managed to get these two pots for a good price, leaving me enough to buy the additional items to waterproof it with sealers that don’t contain toxins that might leach into the water.

The plan is to add some fish once plants have been established. My youngest wants to look after a goldfish and I don’t want the extra work of an aquarium requiring electricity and cleaning. So we are going to create a small natural system.

This project will take a while to complete, but hopefully by Christmas we will enjoy our little sculptural and natural water garden. The possible addition of a few native fish should take care of any mosquito larvae and who knows? We might even have a nightly frog serenade to listen to…

Just one more month and Christmas will be knocking again. The Christmas bush is in its red glory already, the end of the school year is coming up and still so much to do…

It’s been raining on and off and I spend the day getting my accounts into order to hand them over to my accountant tomorrow.

At the end of the day, I’m all organised and ready.

Another cool, damp and windy day.

We helped a friend with moving house and played puzzle games in the afternoon.

I picked some fresh lettuce and a cabbage for dinner: salad and tacos.

Easy. It’s great to have a garden.

A quiet day at home.

This morning two cheeky brush turkeys walked across my verandah.

It’s raining on and off and is also quite windy. A great day for watching DVDs.


A busy day!

The most fun parts were to put together an order of vegetable seeds for next year’s crop, including one for the school gardens, and a farewell birthday party with a friend who’s moving south to Mexico (Melbourne, for those unfamiliar with our language).

So with driving to Brisbane and back, I’m looking forward to a stay-at-home weekend.

Wompoo Fruit Dove (Ptilinopus magnificus)

There were a couple of as yet unidentified birds in the garden this morning around 5am – they looked like parrots because of their colours, but flew like pigeons. I only saw them from a large distance as my walking out onto the verandah scared them up into a tree. When they flew off, their wing undersides shone like copper… I still need to look them up in my bird book.

Note: ID completed – Wompoo Fruit Dove

The magpies show no such shyness. They bring their young around each day to beg for food. sometimes the parents must escape for some time alone. This one sat quietly singing to itself on the railing, probably grateful for the respite from constantly begging children.




I felt the first twinges of a migraine today and took some more feverfew. I’m testing if it is an alternative to painkillers for me – so far so good. Time will tell.

I also had some very uplifting news today when I found out I won a few nights accommodation in Byron Bay. I’m so looking forward to enjoying this gift – thank you to all the wonderful people at Apartments Inn Byron, you made my day.

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