Overnight I lost a tree to the storm and the rain has not let up.

Brisbane is on flood alert now and more is falling from the sky.

‘Relentless’ has reached a new level as I watch the water creep up to my backdoor.

I feel cut off and it is safer to stay home then to contemplate braving the elements. I feel for those who have to leave their houses behind.

My driveway has turned into a river ford I am reluctant to cross. My only lifeline to the outside world is the internet and the news – well, our TV reception is bad at the best of times, and terrible in this relentless rain, but the internet may not be fast here, but at least it makes me feel as if I am not alone in this.

And it is always good to be thankful we are still dry. My neighbour’s basement has been flooding since yesterday. The water is pushing through the walls during each heavy shower… We still wait for the rain to stop.

Today I emptied 226mm from the rain gauge.

When will it stop?