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After half a day of work we went out to test my tyre repair job by riding to the French cafe for afternoon tea. The weather was unstable but holding and apart from a few drops while sitting at the cafe we got there and back in the dry.

I’ve been avoiding using the car this weekend as I’ve had rats sheltering in the engine over the last week and my power steering was not working. Although I could still drive, I was cautious about what other damage they may have done, so it’s booked in first thing tomorrow for a check and repair.

I suppose rats are also trying to get away from the flood waters as do other animals, yet somehow I have more sympathy with the native animals displaced in recent weeks as with the rats or mice trying to move into the walls and ceilings of my home… Let’s hope the python is hungry when it comes out again.


A strange day which couldn’t make up its mind whether to be sunny or rainy or cloudy or warm or cool…

My Wwoofer and I went to buy some timber to replace the rotten door frame in the chookpen. He’ll be building me a new door frame and has also been busy moving some large rocks already. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t predictable enough to get started on the building, so the prep work will be all he can complete today.

My grand old Australorb lady is no better, but was sitting with a younger friend at lunchtime. I hope she is enjoying her possibly last days. As sad as it may be, death is a part of life, more noticeably so in my rural lifestyle than in a city life.

I do believe my domestic animals have a very nice life, although the odd one dies young from natural predators, others live out their years peacefully, scratching through the yard for scraps, even though they may not be as useful anymore as they once were.

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