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Apart from having only a minor repair on the car to pay for, today’s highlight was the welcome discovery of basil growing wild near the karate dojo.

Since my basil has been demolished by snails, grasshoppers and insects all summer, I have had a distinct lack of my favourite condiment: Pesto.

But all was saved after I picked a huge aromatic bunch to take home, with the hope that next week, there will be more available still to keep me supplied until my own garden has recovered.

Of course we had pasta and pesto for dinner tonight.


I picked a bunch of purple Cosmos this morning and went for some lemon basil to add to the bunch – where I disturbed a pair of green praying mantises starting a family…

They were not amused when I picked their honeymoon lodge and I had to relocate them carefully. Hopefully soon there will be lots of baby mantises – Nature’s flycatchers.

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