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First trip to the beach for this year (and these summer holidays)!

It was very hot, humid and the water was unusually warm, brown (rather than its usual turquoise colour) and the waves were dumping. Even the beach was reshaped quite steeply from recent king tides. You could tell that there has been some strange events lately.

Not the best ever beach morning, but the kids and their friend enjoyed themselves, I got wet and we all had enough after a couple of hours and came back home.

By the evening the storms moved in again and throughout the night it rained heavily at times with an amazing lightning show that made me think of stories of locals whose houses have been hit by lightning in the past… Scary bedtime stories.



What an uplifting day!

Spend the morning having breakfast and shopping with my 9 year-old (he had a tummy ache and stayed home from swimming lessons today). I found a beautiful dress at the secondhand shop and when we picked up the older son from school, we found out that the younger had won a Queensland Christmas card competition by our local MP and a pizza party for his entire class (lots of cheers) along with a movie pass for us. He had used our local area as inspiration, the view from Mary Cairncross towards the Glasshouse Mountains, and our summer trips to the beach. Fantastic! I’m so proud, and so grateful.


Soaking up the sun and ocean after the recent rains was balm for souls and spirits.

It was a sunny and clear day, once you got used to it, the water felt actually quite warm.

The children had a day off school and I was surprised that we had the beach almost to ourselves – hardly anyone there. We made the most of it and the boys spend most of their time in the water, while I spend most of mine in the sun reading my book.


And, yes, I went in the water too.

A beautiful day, exquisite moments
to remember.

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