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I woke to fog… and no rain, on my birthday. And while it did not get sunny, at least the showers kept to a minimum and we enjoyed afternoon tea on the deck outside. Even the neighbours interrupted their mopping up actions for an hour or so to join us for a piece of cake and a cup of tea.

It wasn’t the most joyous day ever as we were all aware of the people still suffering south and west of us, where the water was still on its determined way down to wreak havoc with their lives. Yet the day held hope that it would now get better, dry out, that even the sun would show its face again soon.


Some welcome sunshine today, allowing to get some washing done and dry and some pizza dough to rise. Yeast dough is so much better when it has had some sun to warm up in.

The occasion to cook was a lovely dinner meeting at a friend’s house: Everyone brings a dish and we end up with a meal from different corners of the world. My Provençal and Tuscan Kale and Feta Pizzas were the appetisers alongside a good dry Champagne, an Indian lentil soup entrée followed, then an Asian ginger spiced baked salmon main and a vegan banana cake for dessert. The conversation was entertaining, the laughter was refreshing and the evening very enjoyable for all.

Have to do this again sometime soon… I so enjoy a small jovial group of interesting people around a dinner table…


Traditionally we, as a family, spend the morning of Christmas Day at the beach while all those of the English persuasion do their eating and gift-giving, but not this year.

We watched the rain fall, we thought of those who had to leave their homes at this time due to flooding, and followed old-fashioned indoor pursuits like playing games and doing puzzles.

We ate more shortbreads than were good for us, but luckily me and the kids got to ride our bikes in a rare break from showers – just around the extended block to visit and greet a few friends and neighbours. The uphill way to get to everyone was enough exertion in the high humidity to make us sweat and be glad to arrive back home via the downhill part of the circuit in the end.

A short glimpse of sunshine for those who rose early today – it was gone by 8 am again. We decided to go to the movies today to get out of the house without risking the rain again.

A leisurely wander through the crowded Sunshine Plaza – somehow I can never see much worth buying there – and we enjoyed a Turkish pide-pizza lunch together before watching the latest Harry Potter. It was an enjoyable afternoon and more so when we drove back home and disappeared into the fog as we ascended the hills. The puddles on our driveway told us that we did miss another day of rains at home. And, yes, I gave the chooks extra rations again – they gave us five eggs in return.

Last night the Year 7 graduates had a party together – I bet it is rare for any school to have all the children in one class be friends and be respectful of each other. Small schools give children the opportunity to learn about those who are different to themselves and to be tolerant of differences as well as getting to know and value others for their differences. Most of the kids will move on to different High Schools next year and probably for the first time in their lives some are aware of being parted from friends… They’re growing up and also learning about letting go.

So after a late night we didn’t mind so much that it rained all day. I managed to catch up on a little more work and gave the chooks extra rations to make up for the miserable weather (food fixes everything, right?). No photos today either… everything is wet, wet, wet and I can watch the grass growing several inches by the day. So we made a cake… food does fix everything.

There is one day a year here when everyone talks about horses, racing and fashion.

It’s Melbourne Cup Day today, and wherever you turn, horses pop up – in conversation, in the media. I find it quite strange…

Well, not really everyone, because I do know some sane people and some of them came over tonight to eat, chat and watch the slide show from my Uluru trip.

It was a great opportunity to re-visit the trip and the memories. Because I took so many pictures, even though I ‘only’ showed about 800 of them, I was quite concerned that I was boring everyone. Everyone seemed quite pleased though – which made me happy.

At the end of the day I lost half my lights – the safety switch got tripped and we could not find the light switch that did it. But I’ll have to look into that tomorrow and probably get an electrician in.

Migraines on weekends are no fun. Actually they are never fun, especially on sunny weekends…

I rested a lot today, watched some documentaries and made a very light dinner of sushi nori and Vietnamese salad – some good raw food. I’m expecting this to help my recovery so tomorrow is a useful day. Hope the plan works.

I’m very aware that I have not transplanted this month’s vegetable seedlings (or updated my garden blog), yet my vegetable patch is still generously forthcoming. I picked another cauliflower and this lovely bunch of radishes.

Tonight’s salad will be made from these radishes with a little salt added – would make a lovely accompaniment to a cold beer, but some apple cider will have to do me. The mobile fish man dropped by today too and I will make mullet fish and chips today for the kids, so I probably won’t need to even share my radishes – Crunch!

Luv at 501st sight

I had to get a few groceries and chook food today. On the way there, this happy little Citroen caught my eye at the side of the road – not strictly a part of Nature except in a sculptural way.

Being tuned into noticing the ‘small’ things,
I also found this sweet little orchid flowering
in my garden today.


I had a good walk around the garden today and was amazed at how much everything has grown in a few days.

The Jaboticaba, flowering for the first time, is already setting some fruit. This unusual South American fruit tree carries it’s fruit directly on its woody branches. The flavour of the berries reminds me of black currants, which do not grow in this area, and when they are ripe, I will use some of the fruit to prepare a fruit syrup, as well as some jelly.

On a sadder note, I think my oldest Australorb hen is not feeling well. She’s not eating and has given up the top rung of the perch. She’s about 9 years old, so it may soon be her time to leave this world for chook heaven, no coaxing seems to enthuse her to feel better…

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