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First trip to the beach for this year (and these summer holidays)!

It was very hot, humid and the water was unusually warm, brown (rather than its usual turquoise colour) and the waves were dumping. Even the beach was reshaped quite steeply from recent king tides. You could tell that there has been some strange events lately.

Not the best ever beach morning, but the kids and their friend enjoyed themselves, I got wet and we all had enough after a couple of hours and came back home.

By the evening the storms moved in again and throughout the night it rained heavily at times with an amazing lightning show that made me think of stories of locals whose houses have been hit by lightning in the past… Scary bedtime stories.



Another busy week. I managed to complete work and we even got started on getting the garden sorted after the rains. My two Wwoofers are helping with the tidying chores. We’ve finally mulched the veggie patch, the watermelon patch and even started weeding a bit – scary how quickly things grow in the summer season with week-long supplies of water!

The chookpen is tidy and slowly drying out again. Even the house is getting tidier day by day. Somehow I don’t get around to taking pictures of all our efforts or writing about them daily or even just picking that one precious moment a day to relay… I’m hoping things slow down a little after Christmas and I get to ponder and share again. For now, we try to get things done when the sun is shining and have a rest when we can.

It’s lovely to have some company around the dinner table and last night’s barbecue was a taste of real summer for us – made possible by the weather finally clearing. For the last two days we had our afternoon storms – as we should on a Queensland summer’s day. The thunder and rain is just moving off again now, leaving everything green, lush and dripping.

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