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This morning there were only 13mm in the gauge! And during the day there were some welcome glimpses of sun. A day for taking stock and tidying up. The news for other communities is still grim, whether they still face rising waters, face clean-ups or face locating their missing…


I woke to fog… and no rain, on my birthday. And while it did not get sunny, at least the showers kept to a minimum and we enjoyed afternoon tea on the deck outside. Even the neighbours interrupted their mopping up actions for an hour or so to join us for a piece of cake and a cup of tea.

It wasn’t the most joyous day ever as we were all aware of the people still suffering south and west of us, where the water was still on its determined way down to wreak havoc with their lives. Yet the day held hope that it would now get better, dry out, that even the sun would show its face again soon.

Some welcome sunshine today, allowing to get some washing done and dry and some pizza dough to rise. Yeast dough is so much better when it has had some sun to warm up in.

The occasion to cook was a lovely dinner meeting at a friend’s house: Everyone brings a dish and we end up with a meal from different corners of the world. My Provençal and Tuscan Kale and Feta Pizzas were the appetisers alongside a good dry Champagne, an Indian lentil soup entrée followed, then an Asian ginger spiced baked salmon main and a vegan banana cake for dessert. The conversation was entertaining, the laughter was refreshing and the evening very enjoyable for all.

Have to do this again sometime soon… I so enjoy a small jovial group of interesting people around a dinner table…


Welcome to a new day, a new year and more rain… well, the sunshine couldn’t last and this too will pass.

It was a lazy morning up here in the fog, a new book and a Chai Latte in bed… what more could I want?

I spend the day rambling about, transplanting seedlings into larger pots, cooking rhubarb – which seems to be the one vegetable really enjoying the weather and producing giant stalks and leaves – so I can make pies and crumbles in the future.

The birds came visiting, my resident Willy Wagtail, Honeyeaters and a few King Parrots who didn’t care about the drizzle that hung around for most of the day. The sun tried to peep through a few times and this gives me hope that we will soon see it again.

A reflective first day of a new year.

Another day of sun and the flowers are out, a little late this year as I usually
use these lillypillies and wattles to make up for a lack of snow in my Christmas
floral decorations.

Instead I used them for our outdoor table tonight – we finally got to have the barbecue we’ve been planning since Christmas! An excellent feast it was too.

Happy New Year to all!


Not confident yet, but it’s there. A perfect day to do the washing, get it dry and help out a bit with weeding at the school permaculture garden, mow the lawns and go for a well-deserved swim in a friend’s pool.

Since they are away on holiday, we had to fight our way through the tall grass and squelchy ground to the pool. But the water was wonderful, the view great and the kids and their friends had a great time playing outside for a change.

What a mood lifter!

Today was a glorious day. The sky was
clear, the air was dry, the sun warm and
we enjoyed an evening walk to wish neighbours and friends a happy Christmas.

The children came away with the best
treasure: A gorgeous home-made ginger-
bread house. I took a picture as I suspect
it won’t stay this whole for long.

On the way home we marvelled at
the gorgeous full moon rising into
a cloudless sky.

An absolutely beautiful day.

Covered in sugary snow… and smarties.

A bit of sun for a few days and it’s back to rain this afternoon.
A good time for contemplation, while it is warm we can enjoy sitting on the deck, reading and watching the rain drops fall. The down side is that the mosquitoes
are breeding… and biting.

I hope the rain eases for Christmas.

Another busy week. I managed to complete work and we even got started on getting the garden sorted after the rains. My two Wwoofers are helping with the tidying chores. We’ve finally mulched the veggie patch, the watermelon patch and even started weeding a bit – scary how quickly things grow in the summer season with week-long supplies of water!

The chookpen is tidy and slowly drying out again. Even the house is getting tidier day by day. Somehow I don’t get around to taking pictures of all our efforts or writing about them daily or even just picking that one precious moment a day to relay… I’m hoping things slow down a little after Christmas and I get to ponder and share again. For now, we try to get things done when the sun is shining and have a rest when we can.

It’s lovely to have some company around the dinner table and last night’s barbecue was a taste of real summer for us – made possible by the weather finally clearing. For the last two days we had our afternoon storms – as we should on a Queensland summer’s day. The thunder and rain is just moving off again now, leaving everything green, lush and dripping.

Montville Market Day and the sun has finally come out. This is a highlight of my week, I get served breakfast, coffee, I get to buy fresh warm sourdough bread, freshly picked stonefruit, some extra seedlings to replace those who died from too much rain…

A perfect day.

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