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First trip to the beach for this year (and these summer holidays)!

It was very hot, humid and the water was unusually warm, brown (rather than its usual turquoise colour) and the waves were dumping. Even the beach was reshaped quite steeply from recent king tides. You could tell that there has been some strange events lately.

Not the best ever beach morning, but the kids and their friend enjoyed themselves, I got wet and we all had enough after a couple of hours and came back home.

By the evening the storms moved in again and throughout the night it rained heavily at times with an amazing lightning show that made me think of stories of locals whose houses have been hit by lightning in the past… Scary bedtime stories.



Today was a glorious day. The sky was
clear, the air was dry, the sun warm and
we enjoyed an evening walk to wish neighbours and friends a happy Christmas.

The children came away with the best
treasure: A gorgeous home-made ginger-
bread house. I took a picture as I suspect
it won’t stay this whole for long.

On the way home we marvelled at
the gorgeous full moon rising into
a cloudless sky.

An absolutely beautiful day.

Covered in sugary snow… and smarties.

English Oak - just a baby!

Lazy Saturday… not!

It’s been quite warm and humid today, there was overnight rain. So I took the time to plant two more deciduous trees, the Persian Witch Hazel and the English Oak – both look tiny in their new surroundings. I will have to mark them well to avoid a well-intentioned garden helper mowing them down. I cleared quite a large area of weeds and grass, but it is daunting to see how much more there is to clean before summer hits.

I picked my first cauliflower today, not sure what to turn it into yet, probably lunch tomorrow… with egg-rich Hollandaise?

Chickens are starting to lay again – it’s definitely spring!

The calendar says it is the first day of spring. It’s been getting warmer, although we still often feel cool at night. The midday warmth is definitely increasing and I need to water the vegies more regularly, especially the newly emerging seedlings.

Today’s highlight was our afternoon tea cake: Strawberry and Coconut bread – it didn’t stay around even long enough for me to take a picture… it was delicious.

A friend of mine from down south is visiting for a while.

Queensland holds the promise of warm weather for sun-starved southerners.

We try to live up to the reputation and today we both enjoyed a coffee on the sunny Maleny sidewalk and the lovely sunset through the palm trees hid the fact we still have winter here.

Athletics Day at school – I went to cheer my young sportsmen on to jump higher and further. It will be the last year I have both of them in this lovely little local school where parents get involved and know each other by first names.

The weather was great for them, sunny and warm. I’m still floating on euphoria wherever I go.

I gave away more mushrooms today – swapped them for a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Today’s highlight happened when the sun finally popped out in the afternoon at 3pm. We’d just got back from school pick-up and all sat on the outside deck to eat our afternoon tea and drink hot chocolate.

Amazing how a little sunshine can warm your heart and your mood.

Cold and windy…

What do I expect?

It’s winter.

I sit with a blanket over my shoulders and ugg boots on at the computer and write.

Warming my hands on cups of hot lemon, honey and ginger in between.

Box of tissues next to me.

Decided on comfort food for dinner: rice pudding.

Looking forward already to a warm bath and cozy bed tonight.

At least there were no raptor attacks today.

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