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First trip to the beach for this year (and these summer holidays)!

It was very hot, humid and the water was unusually warm, brown (rather than its usual turquoise colour) and the waves were dumping. Even the beach was reshaped quite steeply from recent king tides. You could tell that there has been some strange events lately.

Not the best ever beach morning, but the kids and their friend enjoyed themselves, I got wet and we all had enough after a couple of hours and came back home.

By the evening the storms moved in again and throughout the night it rained heavily at times with an amazing lightning show that made me think of stories of locals whose houses have been hit by lightning in the past… Scary bedtime stories.



This morning there were only 13mm in the gauge! And during the day there were some welcome glimpses of sun. A day for taking stock and tidying up. The news for other communities is still grim, whether they still face rising waters, face clean-ups or face locating their missing…

I woke to fog… and no rain, on my birthday. And while it did not get sunny, at least the showers kept to a minimum and we enjoyed afternoon tea on the deck outside. Even the neighbours interrupted their mopping up actions for an hour or so to join us for a piece of cake and a cup of tea.

It wasn’t the most joyous day ever as we were all aware of the people still suffering south and west of us, where the water was still on its determined way down to wreak havoc with their lives. Yet the day held hope that it would now get better, dry out, that even the sun would show its face again soon.

Overnight I lost a tree to the storm and the rain has not let up.

Brisbane is on flood alert now and more is falling from the sky.

‘Relentless’ has reached a new level as I watch the water creep up to my backdoor.

I feel cut off and it is safer to stay home then to contemplate braving the elements. I feel for those who have to leave their houses behind.

My driveway has turned into a river ford I am reluctant to cross. My only lifeline to the outside world is the internet and the news – well, our TV reception is bad at the best of times, and terrible in this relentless rain, but the internet may not be fast here, but at least it makes me feel as if I am not alone in this.

And it is always good to be thankful we are still dry. My neighbour’s basement has been flooding since yesterday. The water is pushing through the walls during each heavy shower… We still wait for the rain to stop.

Today I emptied 226mm from the rain gauge.

When will it stop?

We visited Yandina markets this morning and I found a water poppy for my little pond. Like a miniature water lily, it flowers yellow and can handle less than full sun and still flower.

Next we will add some Rainbow native fish and then later a gold fish.


I’m going to create a little water garden in front of my bedroom window.

This project has been on my list for years, but just now it is ripening into reality. I came across a pot sale on my way home from the accountant and managed to get these two pots for a good price, leaving me enough to buy the additional items to waterproof it with sealers that don’t contain toxins that might leach into the water.

The plan is to add some fish once plants have been established. My youngest wants to look after a goldfish and I don’t want the extra work of an aquarium requiring electricity and cleaning. So we are going to create a small natural system.

This project will take a while to complete, but hopefully by Christmas we will enjoy our little sculptural and natural water garden. The possible addition of a few native fish should take care of any mosquito larvae and who knows? We might even have a nightly frog serenade to listen to…


Soaking up the sun and ocean after the recent rains was balm for souls and spirits.

It was a sunny and clear day, once you got used to it, the water felt actually quite warm.

The children had a day off school and I was surprised that we had the beach almost to ourselves – hardly anyone there. We made the most of it and the boys spend most of their time in the water, while I spend most of mine in the sun reading my book.


And, yes, I went in the water too.

A beautiful day, exquisite moments
to remember.

An enforced rest day today for outdoor work as the rain waters everything for me.

These are gentle days, unlike the heavy downpours of summer.
Best to enjoy the rain with a deep hot bath and some homebaking.

Like pearl necklaces,
dew drops hung on
every tiny tip of my
cabbage and broccoli
seedlings this morning.

Tiny watery jewels.

So beautiful,
so delicate
and so evanescent.


Welcome rain.

And a hot, deep bath at night.

Living with tank water I get to appreciate water more.

Thank you.

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