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Unfortunately I’m too busy working to get outside much.

I have inherited some new chickens (8 two-year old hens) and some of them don’t seem to have any trouble getting out. We regularly see one or two wandering about and needing a little convincing to get back inside the run.

Apart from this I found my bike had a flat tyre by afternoon which needed fixing and which kept me from going for another ride today.


Another solar eclipse and New Moon today and a good opportunity to reflect on my wishes for the new year. An inwardly reflective day and a busy working day too.

Not much time to spend outside communing, there’s work to be done before the holidays start and it is still raining a lot. Evenings are taken up by school performances, graduations and Santa Night in Montville.

All the time trying to stay out of the rain and mud.

Woah! Had no time to write up daily, I had so much to catch up on this week I seemed to be flat out. It rained for most of the week and the school break-up events have started. Beginning with the Year 7 Toastmasters speeches on Monday night, and the Year 7 Anti-Idol Performance on Thursday night… Apart from working and looking after the chickens in between showers, I did not find time to write or take photos this week, well, apart from my boy’s school performances which I am not allowed to share 😉

Cookies with a View

After helping me with the garden work this morning, I invited the kids for an afternoon tea at the Mayfield Terrace. It went down very well…

My new rhubarb plants, grown from seed,
have the most enormous leaves.

This is the ‘exquisite’ moment for today,
along with visiting a friend’s garden
and receiving some seed for a deeply
orange calendula.

The other moment involved a huge effort
to rake up yesterday’s cut grass which left
me with several blisters – I’m having
a day off all work tomorrow.

A friend came by today and we had a walk around my garden.

I noticed how during this I inspected and mentioned all the things that needed attention: the weeds coming up in the newly cleared beds, a borer affected branch that needs pruning back, tomato plants in need of staking,…

Instead she noticed different things, how healthy the coffee looked, or the multitude of plants in the vegie patch, the neatness of my strawberry, asparagus and potato patches.

It struck me that I need to walk through my garden more often seeing what is right, healthy and happy than what needs looking after, pruning or tidying.

Tomorrow I will make an effort to particularly visit trees which are strong and healthy and appreciate them.

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